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James E. Moore, Church Planter/Pastor


Pastor Jim grew up in a Christian home as a Pastor’s son. His father, Dr. Ernie Moore, founded and Pastored CBC for 27 years. In 2002 Dr. Ernie resigned as head Pastor and moved to Israel. Pastor Jim then became the head Pastor of the church.

Pastor Jim now resides in Texas, where he is helping plant Calvary Baptist Church in Cleveland, TX with Pastor Eric Gustafson.



Ernie Moore, Founder


In 1976 Ernie Moore founded Calvary Baptist church as a “hospital” for hurting souls. He was Senior Pastor for 25 years when he resigned.  Now working as a journalist and author in Israel, you can find out more information about him by visiting


Adam & Chantalene Lawson, Bible Club Leaders


Bro. Adam and Miss Chantalene bring a lot of energy to our 6-12 year olds on Sunday morning. They have introduced a Bible Club Program that encourages the children to get into their Bibles and memorize Scripture.


Justin Thompson, Acting Pastor


Pastor Justin was born and raised in a Christian home in Easton, PA, where his dad pastored a church. In 2000 he moved to Harrisburg, PA for a job and began attending Calvary Baptist Church. In 2009 he surrendered his life to the ministry and began to be trained and mentored by Pastor James Moore. In 2013 he was ordained into the ministry and was appointed as Associate Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church. When Pastor Jim moved to Texas to plant a church, Pastor Justin became the acting Pastor of Calvary.






Gary & Debbie Bojo, Teen Leaders


As teen leaders, Bro. Gary and Miss Debbie have helped our youth develop a real, meaningful relationship with Christ. It is not just about entertainment and fun, although we do plenty of that, but it is about learning to love God and finding his will each and every day in out life.





Our Staff

post-head Dr. Ernie Moore and his family James E. Moore, Pastor, and his wife Adam & Chantalene Lawson, Bible Club Leaders Gary & Debbie Bojo, Teen Leaders 226801_2090801795450_3959392_n

Todd & Veronica Herbster, Wednesday Night Youth Leaders


During the Wednesday night service, Bro. Todd and Miss Veronica teach the 6-12 year olds life skills and how to become successful Christians for the future.

DSCF1251 Pastor Justin and Family