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Dr. Ernie Moore and his wife Pastor Gus New staff member announcement People standing near the Calvary Baptist Church sign is now available to you in Spanish.  You can also get the slides in Romanian and Russian.  This is a great tool to share the gospel with someone on the Internet or in person.  There are no copyrights to this site and we intentionally  left it generic so that any church, business or individual can link to it.

Calvary Baptist Church (South)


Congratulations to our two newest members of our ministry staff.


Brother Eric Gustafson and Brother Justin Thompson were ordained on April 7, 2013.


Additionally Justin Thompson has been added to the pastoral staff as Associate Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church.


Over the past months I have been preaching and teaching about the Apostle Paul’s method of church planting, what I have dubbed the “Paul Pattern”.


At the same time, the Lord has been leading us to make some adjustments in how and where we minister. We will be moving our residence to the Houston, Texas area to assist “Pastor Gus” in planting a church there.


We will continue as Senior Pastor at Calvary and follow in the footsteps of men like Dr. J. Frank Norris who simultaneously pastored in Texas and Michigan.


Calvary has a unique and blessed sense of ministry and fellowship that America desperately needs at this time in our national history. That has helped me to understand why He is leading us in what some might consider a rather unusual move. But, when one reads Scripture, it is not unusual at all and instead it is the pattern we are to follow.


And of course, our Pastor Emeritus, Dr. Ernie Moore, will continue to assist the leadership of our fellowship, regardless of where in the world he finds himself. Thanks to the age we live in, we can visit by electronic media or even face to face with a number of VOIP media like Skype and ooVoo.


We hope and pray that you will become even more involved in the Calvary ministry. We all need one another to pull together during any times of changes.


Thank you for your sweet spirit, your dedication to souls and to the Lord Jesus Christ. We treasure your prayers for us as ministers, our families, and extended family.


May the sweet Lord bless us one and all now and in the future.


Your new staff members

Pastor Emeritus Dr. Ernie Moore will continue to assist the leadership of our fellowship, wherever  he finds himself. Thanks to the age we live in, we can visit him anywhere in the world through technology.

Don't remain dead in your sins. Make peace with God.

Pastor Gus will continue to focus his efforts in preaching at the Calvary Baptist Church in Houston leading others to Christ. We ask that you continue to support and pray for him as he serves out God's calling.

Discover how God can help you.

Dr. Ernie Moore

Pastor Gus

Greetings from the great Republic of Texas. We are excited to see God’s hand moving right before our eyes. We are now meeting in our own building that God provided out of ‘thin air’. We installed pews today and it really looks like a church now. In our short time here, we have seen 8 get saved and 4 of those were baptized at our first baptism service on 29 September. Please keep up your prayers and support. We promise to spread the legacy of CBC that Preacher and Miss Wanda began lo these many years ago with Pastor Jim and Miss Kim are preserving as we expand. We are excited to see what God will do next.

We love y’all (that’s southern for yinz),


Pastor Gus

Good news from Cleveland, TX

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