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Sunday School at CBC is not just a time to drop off the kids and go grab a cup of coffee. We have Sunday School classes for adults as well that will engage and challenge you as we study the Word of God. Your kids will be in a class where they will not just get babysitting, but our teachers will teach and train them Bible stories. So, drop off you kids and go grab a cup of free coffee and some free donuts and join us for a great time of Sunday School Bible study!


Sunday Morning Service at CBC is a blast from the past.  We like the old-time, old fashion ways. Our focus on Sunday morning is the preaching. Our Pastor is a very straight shooter that will give a message that the Lord has laid on his heart. The preaching at CBC is the main crust of the service. The song service is made up, primarily, of the old-time hymns that teach and sing the doctrines found in the Bible. We have wonderful special music given by talented singers and musicians.


Sunday afternoon is a little more relaxed. We start out with a lively song service in which we take requests. After which we have special music followed up by some more Holy Spirit filled preaching/teaching.


Wednesday evening Bible Study, we begin by taking prayer request and testimonies. After which, we continue a weekly Bible study series. At Calvary, we love hearing, preaching, and digging into the Word of God to discover and grow closer to the Lord.

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